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Purified water: Available at 90c per liter when you bring your own container. We also supply 10L, 20l and 25l water containers with taps for your convenience.

Bottled water sold in the following containers: 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 1,5L and 5L. We only make use of PET Plastic (polyethylene terephthalate).

We also supply and install domestic reverse osmosis systems with pumps (low water pressure) and without pumps. Domestic RO system without pump retails for R3,700 - installation included.

All types of filters and membranes available for sale (most filters need to be changed annually to ensure optimum filtration in your RO system). Replacement parts for RO components also available.

Mineral pots and filters for mineral pots are also available.

Contact us to have personalized logo's supplied to water bottles for your business and/or special event.